Current Projects

  • Analysis of racial disparities in HCC by systems metabolomics. National Cancer Institute (NCI) U01CA185188 (PI: Ressom)
    The goal of this project is to find and validate race-specific biomarkers for HCC and identify perturbed intercellular signaling pathways in HCC.

  • Systems metabolomics for HCC biomarker discovery. National Institute of General Medicine (NIGMS) R01GM123766 (PI: Ressom)
    This project seeks to develop computational tools for analysis of metabolomic data and apply the tools to find metabolite biomarkers for HCC.

Previous Projects

  • New tools for metabolite identification and quantitation. National Cancer Institute (NCI) R03CA222155 (PI: Ressom)

  • Analysis of LC-MS data to identify peptide and glycan biomarkers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma. National Cancer Institute (NCI) R01CA143420 (PI: Ressom)

  • Quantitative analysis of LC-MS data for peptide and glycan biomarker discovery. National Institute of General Medicine (NIGMS) R01GM086746 (PI: Ressom)

  • Metabolomic and integromic approaches to identify fingerprints for early detection and treatment of liver cancer. NCI R21 CA153176 (PI: Ressom)

  • III-CXT-Small: Analysis of mass spectrometry data for biomarker discovery. National Science Foundation (NSF) IIS-0812246 (PI: Ressom)

  • Peptide biomarker discovery by mass spectrometry for early detection of liver cancer. NCI R21 CA130837 (PI: Ressom)

  • Novel analytical tools for biomarker discovery from mass spectrometry data. Associate Membership to NCI's Early Detection Research Network (PI: Ressom)

  • Identification of serum biomarkers for early detection of liver cancer. Prevent Cancer Foundation (PI: Ressom)

  • Novel machine learning methods for analysis of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry data. NCI R03 CA119313 (PI: Ressom).

  • A pattern recognition system for identifying organic compounds from XMF EEMs. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (PI: Ressom)

  • Integrated fluorocarbon microsensor system using catalytic modification. NSF CBET-0428341 (PI: Wheeler, Co-PIs: Ressom and Pereira da Cunha)

  • Acquisition of an x-band satellite data groundstation for regional multidisciplinary research. NSF EIA-0131889 (PI: Thomas, Co-PIs: Beard-Tisdale, Sader, and Ressom)

  • Biodiversity and ecosystems informatics. NSF OCE-0420393 (PI: Musavi, Co-PIs: Markowsky, Hinkle, Stefanidis, and Ressom)

  • Accurate DNA base calling. NSF DBI-0090738 (PI: Musavi, Co-PIs: Van Beneden, Ressom, and Domnisoru)

  • Analysis of gene expression data from Rhizoctonia solani using a novel clustering algorithm. University of Maine Faculty Research Fund (PI: Ressom, Co-PI: Tavantzis)

  • Seagrass health estimation using neural networks. Maine Space Grant Consortium (PI: Ressom)

  • Neural network-based estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in coastal waters. NASA and the Maine Space Grant Consortium (PI: Ressom)